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Faith That Amazes God

Read Matthew 8:5-13

Yes, there is a faith that amazes God, the King James version of the Bible actually uses the word “marveled (Mt. 8:10).”  Jesus was amazed at the faith of the Centurion captain.  I don’t know about you, but I am constantly amazed about God. His creation amazes me, the sun, the moon, the ocean, the beauty of the earth, it is all very amazing.  I am further amazed by His love for humanity, His love for me. God is so awesome that if we barely pay attention to what goes on around us, you will be amazed!!

But, is it possible that we can cause God to marvel, is there something we can do that amazes God?  Yes, there is. It lies in our faith toward Him.  Hebrews 11:6 lets us know that without faith it is impossible to please Him, so we know that faith pleases God. But, now let’s talk about faith that amazes Him!!

The Centurion Captain was not a Jew, he was not of the household of Israel and he was in charge of a Roman army of one hundred men who were known for oppressing the Jews. As a Gentile who had no right to approach Jesus for anything, much less for his servant to be healed of a tormenting disease, it took great faith just to approach Jesus.

This is not the amazing part of his faith though. Jesus was amazed by (1) his request and (2) his understanding of Gods power and authority.

Let’s consider his request; the Centurion Captain approaches Jesus and lets Him know that his servant is lying at home sick and grievously tormented from the palsy. Jesus said He will come and heal him, the Greek word Jesus used for healing is “therapeuo” which means to serve and cure. Much like a physical doctor would do, this word is the root word for our English word “therapy,” to help us get a better understanding of what Jesus was saying.

The Centurion responds by saying “just send your word and my servant shall be healed.”  The Centurion used a completely different word for healed than what Jesus said!  He used the word “iaomai” which means to heal and make whole. The Centurion believed Jesus for a complete healing, restoration and wholeness for his servant. A miracle that had never been done before!

The Centurion understood the authority of Jesus.  He displayed great humility and respect for who Jesus was by declaring he was not worthy to have Jesus come to his house and great faith by asking Jesus to just send His Word of healing.

This man understood authority since he himself was a man of authority over one hundred Roman soldiers. He understood giving orders and receiving orders and the obedience that comes with those orders.  Since Jesus was the Messiah, the Son of God he knew that he was requesting a miracle from the Supreme Authority of all and that sending His Word was enough for the healing to take place.  Oh, that we would come to God with this kind of faith!

Jesus is amazed and astonished at this faith and proclaims that this kind of faith has never occurred in all of Israel. No one ever acknowledged the power and authority of God to this degree.

People broke through roofs to bring the sick to Jesus, yelled for mercy at the side of the road for Jesus to stop and heal and one woman even touched the hem of His clothing pushing through a crowd to receive her healing. Mary sent a message to Jesus to come and heal her brother Lazarus when he was sick, only to proclaim to Jesus four days later that if He would have been there sooner Lazarus would not have died. All of these are wonderful acts of faith in Israel of what Jesus could do.  But, none of these acts of faith amazed God.

All previous acts of faith required Jesus to be there to touch the one needing a miracle; it was the Centurion that caused Jesus to marvel, for he had faith in who Jesus was, not just in what he could do!

There is a wonderful formula here that we can utilize in our walk with God and it is this: Humility + Faith in who Jesus is = God’s Grace

No matter whom we are or what we do, we are nothing in comparison to God. We need Jesus; it would do us well to humble ourselves before the Almighty God.

Faith in who Jesus is should be enough. He is the God who spoke the world into existence through the power of His Word. He is the Creator, we are His creation. There is more than enough power in his Word for anything we need.

When we bring this together we are recipients of God’s wonderful grace in a way that even amazes God.

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